Convict me! I am a BELIEVER!

For the last two weeks, I had it figured out what I was going to write about for this week’s blog, then, last night, I went to The Gathering in McLane Stadium at Baylor University and God said, “I have a better message for you to blog about!”

Going to this event was more than amazing! It was a revival of thousands of believers who came together to Baylor’s football stadium to worship our Savior. They could not have come up with a better name for this event, “The Gathering,” as it was a gathering of people from all walks of life, ages, backgrounds, denominations, etc. It was a gathering of Christ followers from many different places. I sat with my friend Audrey and her friends who are Baylor students. I am a UMHB student, and I’m sure that here and there, perhaps there were some from UT or A&M as well. So many people gathered in one place.

They even had different pastors, from different denominations pray at the beginning of the event, two in English, one in Spanish. It was a large group of so many different kinds of people.

But beyond that, beyond it being Bears, Crusaders, Aggies, Longhorns, young people, elderly people, middle-aged people, black people, brown people, white people, English speakers, Spanish speakers, there was one thing that united us. We are the body of Christ, we are all loved and redeemed by God, and He can use us, every part of us, regardless of where we are at, because it’s not about who we are, but who He is.

One thing that stood out to me was something that Baylor QB Bryce Petty told the audience in a video. He talked about how he struggled with his faith when he was unsure of where God was taking him as he had to watch on the sidelines as a backup QB to RGIII and Nick Florence before finally becoming the starting quarterback. However, he told us something that God revealed to him in this situation. He told us that he’s not just a football player, that playing football is what he does, it’s not who he is. Who he is, is a believer in Christ. Instead of being known as Bryce Petty, that football player, he wants to be known as Bryce Petty, that Christian.

He talked about not defining yourself by a label that the world gives you or a label you try to give to yourself, but the label God gives you. That’s the only label that we should be concerned about. The label we have as believers is that we are followers of Christ. That is the only thing we should label ourselves as. Then, Bryce Petty told us that no matter what we do, whether we are people working in an office, taxi drivers, or football players, we should do it giving God the glory, proclaiming His name to others around us.

So, I am not just a UMHB student, a History/Political Science major, an American, a Texan, or a Baptist. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. That is my label: A Believer! As a believer, I need not be afraid to wear that label, and where it proudly!

During this concert, God reminded me that as a Christian, as a believer in Christ, I need to proclaim His name at the top of my lungs. And not just to fellow Christians, but to others where I may be more uncomfortable about my faith. While it may be easy to talk faith around other believers, the true test of faith is proclaiming His name to those you are unsure of whether or not they are believers.

The speaker, Dr. Tony Evans, asked us something that I will always remember. He asked us that when those around us charge us of being a Christian, “Will they have enough evidence to convict us?” In other words, are we proclaiming His name to extent that there is no doubt of who we serve? This is one charge we must all strive to be convicted of. When others see me, I want there to be no doubt. I hope that when they see me they go, “Hey. That’s Joshua Stewart. He follows Jesus!”

Every time I look at the sky, I can’t help but smile. Every time I feel the cool breeze blowing against my back, I can’t help but think just how awesome and how mighty my God is. So why am I not proclaiming this, not just to fellow like-mined believers, but to everyone? Why can’t I jump that hurtle and climb that wall that is keeping me from telling everyone I meet and showing them, “I am a believer,” so that they too can have the same hope that I have?

One of my favorite hymns that emphasizes this is “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.”

I have decided to follow Jesus;
I have decided to follow Jesus;
I have decided to follow Jesus;
No turning back, no turning back. 

Though I may wonder, I still will follow;
Though I may wonder, I still will follow;
Though I may wonder, I still will follow;
No turning back, no turning back. 

The world behind me, the cross before me;
The world behind me, the cross before me;
The world behind me, the cross before me;
No turning back, no turning back. 

Though none go with me, still I will follow;
Though none go with me, still I will follow;
Though none go with me, still I will follow;
No turning back, no turning back. 

Will you decide now to follow Jesus?
Will you decide now to follow Jesus?
Will you decide now to follow Jesus?
No turning back, no turning back

Even if everyone else is acquitted, even if none go with us, will we have the courage to stand convicted and proclaim that our label is that we are believers? Will we openly follow Jesus without turning back? Will we proclaim His Good News?

Acts 20:24 says this, “However I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

In everything we do, we must do with one goal in mind, and that is to finish the race, to testify to everyone so that the whole world hears us, that we are believers! Doing so openly may be frightening. It may be scary. It may be challenging. Let us strive to take up that challenge, and proclaim His Good News to the world. Let us stand convicted!

I AM A BELIEVER! Are you!?

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Until The Whole World Hears by Casting Crowns

I Have Decided To Follow Jesus/Moving Forward by Israel Houghton

His love has OVERCOME!

The past two weeks, my posts have largely been about keeping focused on the future and knowing that God has a plan for you. There are times, however, when keeping focused seems almost completely impossible, or at least somewhat difficult.

Too often the world will try to tear down our spirits with all the negative things happening in our lives and in the lives of those around us. All one has to do to see this negativity is to turn on the television sets to see believers being persecuted all across the globe by terrorist organizations and abusive governments. Meanwhile in our own lives, we are bound to endure much difficulties, anywhere from the loss of a loved one, a break-up in a relationship, a dream crushed, or a struggle to do well in class.

Whatever the issue, life tends to try and knock us down whenever it seems to be at the worst possible time. Over the past few months, I have seen much hurt and pain experienced by people I care so deeply about. I’ve seen friends and family members struggle with health problems, endure the loss of loved ones, and struggle to understand why bad things happen.

All I know is that in any circumstance, I don’t have all the answers, and I simply never will. What I do know is that God knows the answers and knows every hurt and every pain that we go through, and while I don’t understand what may be going on, all I have to do is trust in the Lord’s sovereignty.

We serve a mighty and majestic God. Any time I look at the beautiful shades of orange and pink in the evening sky or gaze at the millions of stars at night, I am overwhelmed by how mighty God is. I am amazed that He made this beautiful sky, allowed the birds to chirp sweet melodies, dotted the rolling hills with bluebonnets, daisies, and Indian paintbrushes, and yet took the time to reach down and create us, and through our imperfections, He still loves us.

I don’t have the answers to any of these problems. During the summer, I was driving down my county road, and as I did so, I thought of all my friends and family members who were going through heartaches, pains, and tragedies. I wept as I drove home, yet as I listened to K-Love, God spoke to me and told me, “Trust in my sovereignty.”

I was left speechless as I rejoiced in Him amidst all these thoughts. He gave me the ability to trust in Him, and instead of trying to understand fully what all was happening, I decided to trust that God is sovereign. I may not know the answers, I may not understand the situation, but what I do know is that my God and Savior gave His own Son who conquered death and promised His return to us some day. In every circumstance, while it may be natural to try and understand everything that is happening in our lives, we must trust that our God knows everything. We don’t have to understand it, because He does.

It can be hard to let go of our desire to try and understand everything to the point where we don’t trust God’s power and majesty. But we must try! We must try to lay our thoughts, our burdens, our cares at His feet and say, “God I trust you!”

One assurance that we have as believers is that in any situation, we can give Him all our burdens, because He overcame more pain, more agony than we will ever experience. Remembering this truth and accepting it can also be challenging, but take heart, His love has overcome.

My Dad and I love sharing Christian music together and recently, we have fallen in love with the lyrics and singing talent of Kari Jobe. We now have three of her CDs and thanks to our awesome Chromecast device, we frequently project her YouTube videos on our television set. One of my favorite songs she sings is Forever (see awesome video below). Read the lyrics and see how God speaks to you:

The moon and stars they wept
The morning sun was dead
The Savior of the world was fallen
His body on the cross
His blood poured out for us
The weight of every curse upon him

One final breath he gave
As heaven looked away
The son of God was laid in darkness
A battle in the grave
The war on death was waged
The power of hell forever broken

The ground began to shake
The stone was rolled away
his perfect love could not be overcome
Now death where is your sting?
Our resurrected King
Has rendered you defeated

Forever he is glorified
Forever he is lifted high
Forever he is risen
He is alive, He is alive!

We sing hallelujah
We sing hallelujah
We sing hallelujah
The Lamb has overcome

Forever he is glorified
Forever he is lifted high
Forever he is risen
He is alive, He is alive!

You have overcome
You have overcome
You have overcome
You have overcome

How awesome is it to know that His love has overcome death, has overcome every sorrow, every affliction, every curse, every pain and suffering. This gives me so much joy. No matter what life tries to throw our way, let us strive to trust in His sovereignty, because He overcame it all. He is alive!

Romans 5:8 says, “But God proves His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us!” (HCSB)

1 Peter 5:6-7 tells us, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your care on Him, because He cares about you.” (HCSB)

And John 16:33 tells us, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (ESV)

God loves us so much that He sent His son to die for us. When we come before Him, humbling ourselves, laying everything at His feet, He exalts us. He cares for us so much that it leaves me speechless. We will face trials and heartache, but He goes before us, and will never leave us. So no matter what we face, let us take heart, He has overcome! He is alive! Forever He is glorified!

Therefore, when life tries to knock us down and when we cannot understand what lies ahead, let us proclaim, “God, you are mine! You love me! I trust in your sovereignty!”

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Forever by Kari Jobe:

Praise Him in the hallway until another door opens…

Last week, I posted about trusting in God to guide your future. Part of trusting in God’s plan is realizing that when one opportunity falls through, we must realize that God just so happens to have something else in store for us. While we may not understand exactly what path He leads us on, we must trust that when one door closes, He will open another door for us to walk through. While we wait for that next door to open, we should praise Him in the hallway. God knows His plan for us more than we ever will.

Last November, I applied to be a Co-Director for the Missions Emphasis Week Steering Committee. Here at UMHB, Missions Emphasis Week (MEW) is an annual event where for a week, we invite missionaries from across the state of Texas, the country, and even some from abroad. During MEW, we have tables set up where they can interact with students and the Steering Committee places them in classrooms so they can provide students with missions opportunities.

Beyond that, we also organize seminars such as encountering other faiths, helping the homeless, or encountering those who practice voodoo. We even organize special events such as a global prayer event or a fashion runway, where female volunteers wear clothes from across the globe, and someone will describe what women go through in those countries.

This is a week I always look forward to, as it always gives me such great joy to see God move through the hearts of students on campus as they discern the call to go to places like India, China, Brazil, or right across town to work at the Helping Hands ministry. For the past two years, I had served on the Steering Committee and so I decided I wanted to help lead the Committee as a Co-Director. This is something I had been wanting to do since I first joined the committee, and I thought that this would be the right time to apply.

I filled out the application, the interview went well, and a couple of weeks later, my awesome roommate, Greggory Miller, gave me a call. He was one of the Co-Directors who interviewed the applicants for next year. In the call, he told me that I didn’t get it, but he encouraged me to remember that not getting it only means that God has something even greater in store for my life.

I have applied for many things in the past, to which I was not accepted for. Most of the time, it did not take me long to get over it and forget about it. This time, however, I felt that I had never applied for something that I wanted so much, so it took me longer to get over being disappointed, about 40 minutes. Compared to other things to which I got over within a few minutes, this seemed like quite a while to get over it. I felt that I really wanted it, but then I realized, perhaps that’s not what God wanted. He made me realize that that door was not one I was supposed to enter, and I’m so grateful that He did.

The outgoing Co-Directors chose awesome, outstanding men and women of God to lead next year’s MEW. I am beyond excited for them, and cannot wait to serve alongside them as I have been chosen to be on the committee for next year.

I’m glad I wasn’t chosen, because I truly feel that the four that were are better for this leadership role. Almost immediately after I got over not being chosen, I felt God tell me, “Now you can apply to be Cru-Leader!” Since my Welcome Week (2012) freshman year, I have desired to be a Cru-Leader (CL) at some point. Basically CLs mentor and lead a group of incoming freshman during Welcome Week (the week before the semester starts that allows them to become acquainted with college life at UMHB) and we get to help teach their freshman seminar course.

What gave me the desire for this was my own Welcome Week experience. My first night on campus, there was an event called the Quad Party which had large inflatable obstacle courses, mechanical bull riding, popcorn, etc. I wanted to go on one obstacle course, but not knowing anybody, I was afraid to ask anyone. Then, my CL, Samantha Garza, came up to me and asked if I wanted to go on the obstacle course with her. At the time she had a brace on her foot and I asked if she truly wanted to do that with a banged up foot. She said she absolutely would.

Samantha became the first friend I made on campus and she would later mentor and pray with me throughout the week and first semester, to which I’ll always be grateful.

With those memories in mind, I felt God nudging me that it was time for me to step up and apply to mentor freshmen and become someone’s “first friend,” just as Samantha had been for me. After applying and doing the interview process in February, I received a text congratulating me for getting the CL position for next year. I was overjoyed and I am still beyond excited and cannot wait to pour into the lives of new college students next semester. Had I received the Co-Director position, I would not have had time for this wonderful opportunity.

I share this story because I truly believe that when God closes one door, he will eventually open another for you to enter. In the present, we may not understand why something doesn’t work out the way it does. We may think we understand what would be best and we may try to tell God, “I would be doing this for you.” However, we should never try put God into a box like that. He always knows what is best for us more than we will ever be able to understand.

And while we wait for a door to open so we can enter, we need to learn to praise Him in the hallway. This example was not the only time God closed a door for me, but time and time again, I decided to give Him every want and desire I had and trust that He knows what is best for me. Given this truth, I have learned to praise Him for closing any door, because it just means that I am supposed to serve Him and others in some other capacity.

Jeremiah 29:11 from The Message says, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

This shows me that God knows exactly what He is doing and what His plans for us are. While we may not understand and grasp it, He has plans for every single one of us. Plans to take care of us. Plans not to abandon us. Plans to give us futures to hope for. So when one door closes, that just means that He will open another door for us to enter. This is something we can hope in, because God our Father has not, and will never leave us. He will always guide us to a future we can hope for.

So when He closes a door, dance and praise Him in the hallway, because soon He will open another door for you to enter!

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I’m Letting Go by Francesca Battistelli

I Will Follow by Chris Tomlin

My Spiritual Bucket List

Focusing on the future, learning to trust in God’s plan, and practicing spiritual disciplines

While preparing this week’s blog, I stopped writing just as I was finishing the post. I felt as if God was telling me to think of something new. To look into the future and beyond. This is what I intend to do with this post, to not dwell on the past but to look towards the days ahead.

As I was having writer’s block, I asked my Dad for input, and he said something that essentially encompassed what I was thinking. He told me, “It’s easy to get submerged in the past. It’s more fun to float in faith.”

Too often, that’s exactly what happens. We become easily entangled in the past, when God is urging us to look at what He has in store for us. So instead of submerging yourself in the quicksand of the past, relax, take a spiritual floating tube, and float on the never-ending river of God’s faith.

I thought about this and thought about this, and I decided to write a Spiritual Bucket List of sorts. This doesn’t necessarily imply that these are things I plan to do before I die physically, but a list of things that I will strive to work on as I turn to God to help me keep focused on the future.

Here’s what I thought of so far:

1.) Complain less. This is something that I struggle with. It’s easy to complain about the little things. When I complain, something I will try to do is to step back mentally and think of something positive in that situation.

2.) Watch my tongue. This is another one of my struggles. Recently, I told a friend that for Lent, I made it my goal to give up cussing and hopefully continue this for months and years to come. When I told my friend this, she was perplexed, telling me that she’s never heard me swear. One thing that the vast majority of people don’t know is that when I think no one is listening, I occasionally talk like a sailor, so to speak. I have prayed to God to help me stop cussing as I felt that it drew me away from Him. It can be hard to break a habit like this one. I continue to slip, but I am trying.

3.) Slow down, don’t rush, take time, and listen to people. I love to have conversations with people. Once I get to know you, I love to talk. One thing I strive to do is to never feel so much in a hurry that I can’t enjoy a conversation with someone.

4.) Read my bible more! It’s easy to get so caught up in homework, essays, book reviews, Netflixing, spending mindless hours googling something absurd on the internet, and of course Trivia Crack. Now while I don’t plan on completely giving up the internet, a nice movie, or my new favorite trivia game, or more importantly, schoolwork, I need to spend more time in the Word. So instead of that watching that movie that probably stinks anyways, I will try to instead read a chapter or two of the Bible.

These are just some of the things I plan to work on. As I try to complain less, use my words more wisely (even when no one is around, God still is), take time to listen, and read God’s Word more, I will also try my best to focus on what God has in store for me.

Which is why I will try to focus more on the future. God has something mighty in store for me. I don’t know His exact plans, and I’m not going to try and put Him in a box like that, because not a single box fits. I hope, however, to graduate from UMHB, go to grad school, get married, have a family, have a nice career, encourage others in their walks with God as they encourage me, run for president (Stewart 2028!), win the Nobel Peace Prize, invent some new technology, make first contact with extraterrestrials (My Klingon is a little rusty), etc.  Lofty goals? Some of them perhaps. I’ve already pictured where I want to be in 5 years, 10 years, 15, 20 etc. But even if that doesn’t go the way I would like, the awesome truth is that God has something in store for me. I don’t know what, but I know it’s something.

And the beautiful thing is that He has something in store for us all. Maybe for some of you, part of your plans have recently come crashing down and things didn’t work the way you thought they would. However, I pray you can take comfort in knowing that God has something in store for your life. If what you wanted didn’t turn out the way you wanted, perhaps God has something even better in store for your life.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying forget about your past and don’t tell it to anyone. In my previous post last week I talked about the power of sharing your testimony, because we each have a story to tell. So share your story! What I’m saying here is that we should try to focus on the good that God has in store for us.

Isaiah 43:19 says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

In this verse, God is telling us that we shouldn’t worry. Instead we should strive to rely fully on Him. Our God is so mighty and so great that we can’t put him in a box to fit our expectations. God tells us that He is making the way, not us. We’re not making the way, He is! And He is so powerful, that he can make rivers in our deserts!

Therefore, when we place our full trust in Him, He will guide us towards our future. This assures me that I don’t have to worry about tomorrow, because my plans will never work exactly how I want them. I don’t know what the future brings, but I know that God does, and any future with Him is an awesome future regardless of the challenges.

So while this post’s title is “My Spiritual Bucket List,” the awesome thing is that as a believer, when I die on this Earth, I know I will continue living, spending eternity with Christ. This is the greatest promise we have in store as believers. How awesome is it to know that one day, everyone will stand before God and proclaim that He is Lord, and as believers in Christ, we will spend eternity with Him. This is something I certainly look forward to.

In the meantime, as I look forward to that wonderful day, I look towards the future in my life here on Earth. In preparation for living with HIM, I will strive to practice these spiritual disciplines that are on my “Spiritual Bucket List.” I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I know that my God will be with me tomorrow as He is today.

As you look ahead, plan some ideas of how to draw yourself closer to Christ and others, and always trust in Him to guide your future.

So instead of submerging yourself in the past, FLOAT IN FAITH!

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Welcome To The New by MercyMe

Soul On Fire by Third Day

This is my story! What’s yours?

One of the things I enjoy hearing are other people’s testimonies. I truly believe that the most powerful tool to reach out to those who don’t know Christ is God’s Word itself. However, another powerful tool is applying God’s Word by sharing our testimonies.

Therefore, in this post, I will share a little of my testimony.

On July 19, 2000, someone prayed with me at Vacation Bible School and I accepted Christ as my Savior. I don’t quite remember that much from when I was that young as I was just six years old at the time. I do scarcely remember my Nana driving me home that day with a smile from ear to ear. I wondered, “Is this really all that important?” She assured me that it was.

July 19, 2000: The day I became saved...

July 19, 2000: The day I became saved (pictured with my VBS teacher)

While this was a significant milestone in my life, the fact that I was so young and did not quite understand what “being saved” meant caused great doubt in my spiritual life throughout elementary and middle school. I questioned myself if God’s story was true, and I would occasionally, half-heartedly pray to ask Christ as my Savior. Doubts continued throughout these early years culminating into perhaps the worst summer I ever experienced.

The summer after my seventh grade year was beyond aggravating to me. Through different circumstances I became quite depressed, days became quite long, and while I never truly considered carrying it out, suicide did become a recurring thought. In the midst of these trials, however, God showed me just how much He loved me. I have always loved Gospel music and one song really showed me how much the Father loves me:

A Picture of Grace:

Picture a man with no reason for living
With no hope of smiling again
Imagine a world with no golden daybreak
Enclosed by the blackness of sin

And the sea is bathed in beauty and glory
Transformed by love’s sweet embrace
The hands of the Savior, erased all my sorrow
And painted this picture of grace

How skillful the hands of the artist
Who painted this picture of me
He saw with the eyes of a master
How beautiful my life could be

Where once was a portrait of gloom and despair
This masterpiece hangs in its place
It’s signed with his blood and it’s framed with his glory
This beautiful picture of grace

The ashes and ruin
That once filled the picture
Had vanished and faded from view
And beautiful touches of mercy adorned
This picture he painted anew

Such peace filled the eyes of the man he created
A smile gently rests on his face
Since Jesus erased all the guilt of my past
And painted this picture of grace

How skillful the hands of the artist
Who painted this picture of me
He saw with the eyes of a master
How beautiful my life could be

Where once was a portrait of gloom and despair
This masterpiece hangs in its place
It’s signed with his blood and it’s framed with his glory
This beautiful picture of grace

How amazing is it to know that God loves us so much, that instead of seeing the hurt and the brokenness, He goes beyond that and sees beauty. Jesus is the artist and has created all of us in His wonderful image, and His love was shown to us through His sacrifice on the cross. The assurance He brings has guided me through very rough times in my life. This truth lets me know that I am never alone. During that summer that gave me so much turmoil, I went to Youth Camp with my friends from Lawler Baptist Church. One evening, a speaker named Runks Runkles asked if anyone wanted to pray a prayer and ask Jesus into their life. That evening, I rededicated myself to my blessed Savior and have never since doubted my salvation.

In my freshman year at Florence High School, I started having bad stomach pains. For the longest time, seeing doctor after doctor with no clear answer, I started to question God and at times became quite frustrated with Him. “Why? Why? Why?” where questions I asked as I could not grasp why I was going through so much physical pain. Then, various family members close to me started developing health problems that probably gave them more pain than what I experienced. Yet they stayed strong in their faith and encouraged me to keep strong in my own walk with Christ.

Eventually, in my sophomore year in college, I learned that I have Crohn’s Disease, and I while I struggle with this even now, I know God has a purpose for my life and He has a purpose for yours as well.

So why did I share a glimpse of my story with you? I did so because I believe in the power of testimony. You have a story to share too. Don’t let the world ever dissuade you from sharing. Your testimony can touch lives you never thought possible.

There are two recurring myths I hear about sharing testimonies.

The first myth is, “My story isn’t good enough. Nothing has happened.” Don’t let anyone tell you that your story isn’t good enough. Everyone goes through something, everyone struggles and faces hardships in life. Hardships might include: addiction, relationship problems, the loss of a loved one, divorce, struggling in particular college course, etc. No matter what, your story can help encourage someone that needs encouraging. So share your story.

The other myth is that this person’s testimony is better than my testimony. Again, this is an absolutely false notion. Don’t ever feel that someone’s testimony is somehow better therefore you don’t need to share it. Someone once told me several years ago, before sharing his testimony, that his story was boring and wasn’t as exciting as others. When he shared, however, God spoke to me through his story. Don’t ever let the devil or the world tell you that your testimony somehow doesn’t measure up to someone else’s. Your testimony could be so encouraging to someone who needs encouraging. Everyone’s story is different. For example, I have never experienced sexual harassment, but if you have, your testimony can mean more to someone who has gone through that than my testimony can.

Your story is worth sharing. By sharing your story, you can show others the love of our Savior. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 says, “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” You can reach someone and share the Gospel of Christ through the power of your testimony. Share your life story with others. You have a powerful story to tell. It just might be the most powerful thing someone hears.

So share your story!

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I Am Not Alone by Kari Jobe

A Picture of Grace by the Gaither Vocal Band