This is the Story of Grace (A Poem)

As I sit in the cool breeze

And hear the birds sing anthems of joy

And gaze upon the beauty of the plants and small creatures

And look upon the clouds in the sky

I think of grace

What is grace?

Grace is the story of someone fully man and fully God

Grace began with God’s creation as His son watched him create the universe

Grace describes how much God favors us

Grace found its way in a manger in Bethlehem

Grace was embodied in the miracles of a Savior

Grace made the lame walk, allowed the blind to see, and raised people from death

Grace welcomed the children

Grace welcomed the poor and the downtrodden

Grace welcomed the widows and orphans

Grace welcomed the prostitutes and the tax collectors

Grace even welcomed the worst of criminals

Grace washed the feet of His disciples

And then grace was arrested

Grace was tried and convicted

Convicted of what?

Grace was convicted of loving everyone

Grace was beaten, spat upon, humiliated, and sleep deprived

Grace was crucified

Nails pierced the hands of grace

Nails pierced the feet of grace

A crown of thorns was worn by grace

Grace carried the sins of the world

This sins of you and me

Grace forgave them

Grace forgave you

Grace forgave me

After so much agony, grace died

Grace was buried

It seemed that grace was defeated

Yet three days later, the grave opened

And grace emerged from death

All the powers of sin

All the powers of darkness

All the powers of hell

Could not defeat grace

Grace won with a resounding victory

Grace bears the scars and the holes where nails pierced the hands and feet

Grace returned to the Father

Grace promised His return to carry us home

And the best part

Grace is still here

Grace never leaves us

Grace is all around us

The story of grace is the story of my Redeemer

Grace is the story of my Savior

Grace is the story of the King of Kings

Grace is the story of the Son of God

Grace is the story of The Way, The Truth, and The Life

Grace is the story of Jesus Christ

Grace is the story of Christ’s redeeming love in us

Grace is the greatest story ever told

Why am I given this grace?

I don’t deserve it

I can never measure up to the one who gives this grace

I am imperfect

I am a sinner

How can this mere mortal

How can someone who messes up every single day

Compare to this majestic Savior?

How can I possibly earn grace?

I can’t!

Nothing I say

Nothing I do

Will ever be good enough to earn His grace

Grace is simply a gift

It is the greatest gift ever given

Although I am a sinner

Although I am imperfect

Although I am unworthy of this beautiful gift

Jesus gives it anyways

Just because He loves me

Therefore I will sing the song of grace

I will shout the chant of grace

I will perform the play of grace

Because Jesus has given me this grace

The greatest gift of all

This grace gives me hope

This grace gives me assurance

This grace gives me joy

This grace gives me passion for the one who gave it

Life will take me down a road with many twists and turns

But grace will sustain me

Grace will hold me in its arms

Grace will protect me

Grace has saved me

My heart aches in pain for those who have never heard the story of grace

And for those who don’t have a relationship with grace

So much pain

So much hurting

So much despair

I couldn’t possibly live life without grace

My hear hurts for those who live this life without grace

Without grace

Life is dark

Life is without hope

Life is without joy

Life has no assurance that greater things are in store

With grace, every obstacle can be overcome

With grace, life is brand new

So let me testify to this grace

Let me share this blessed story with the world

I was lost

I was broken

I was battered

I was in shame

I was without hope

Then grace found me

Grace restored me

Grace forgave me

Grace made me brand new

This is the story of Jesus Christ

This is the story of His love

This is the story of Him living in me

This is the story of Him living in you

This is the wonderful story of GRACE!