This is my story! What’s yours?

One of the things I enjoy hearing are other people’s testimonies. I truly believe that the most powerful tool to reach out to those who don’t know Christ is God’s Word itself. However, another powerful tool is applying God’s Word by sharing our testimonies.

Therefore, in this post, I will share a little of my testimony.

On July 19, 2000, someone prayed with me at Vacation Bible School and I accepted Christ as my Savior. I don’t quite remember that much from when I was that young as I was just six years old at the time. I do scarcely remember my Nana driving me home that day with a smile from ear to ear. I wondered, “Is this really all that important?” She assured me that it was.

July 19, 2000: The day I became saved...

July 19, 2000: The day I became saved (pictured with my VBS teacher)

While this was a significant milestone in my life, the fact that I was so young and did not quite understand what “being saved” meant caused great doubt in my spiritual life throughout elementary and middle school. I questioned myself if God’s story was true, and I would occasionally, half-heartedly pray to ask Christ as my Savior. Doubts continued throughout these early years culminating into perhaps the worst summer I ever experienced.

The summer after my seventh grade year was beyond aggravating to me. Through different circumstances I became quite depressed, days became quite long, and while I never truly considered carrying it out, suicide did become a recurring thought. In the midst of these trials, however, God showed me just how much He loved me. I have always loved Gospel music and one song really showed me how much the Father loves me:

A Picture of Grace:

Picture a man with no reason for living
With no hope of smiling again
Imagine a world with no golden daybreak
Enclosed by the blackness of sin

And the sea is bathed in beauty and glory
Transformed by love’s sweet embrace
The hands of the Savior, erased all my sorrow
And painted this picture of grace

How skillful the hands of the artist
Who painted this picture of me
He saw with the eyes of a master
How beautiful my life could be

Where once was a portrait of gloom and despair
This masterpiece hangs in its place
It’s signed with his blood and it’s framed with his glory
This beautiful picture of grace

The ashes and ruin
That once filled the picture
Had vanished and faded from view
And beautiful touches of mercy adorned
This picture he painted anew

Such peace filled the eyes of the man he created
A smile gently rests on his face
Since Jesus erased all the guilt of my past
And painted this picture of grace

How skillful the hands of the artist
Who painted this picture of me
He saw with the eyes of a master
How beautiful my life could be

Where once was a portrait of gloom and despair
This masterpiece hangs in its place
It’s signed with his blood and it’s framed with his glory
This beautiful picture of grace

How amazing is it to know that God loves us so much, that instead of seeing the hurt and the brokenness, He goes beyond that and sees beauty. Jesus is the artist and has created all of us in His wonderful image, and His love was shown to us through His sacrifice on the cross. The assurance He brings has guided me through very rough times in my life. This truth lets me know that I am never alone. During that summer that gave me so much turmoil, I went to Youth Camp with my friends from Lawler Baptist Church. One evening, a speaker named Runks Runkles asked if anyone wanted to pray a prayer and ask Jesus into their life. That evening, I rededicated myself to my blessed Savior and have never since doubted my salvation.

In my freshman year at Florence High School, I started having bad stomach pains. For the longest time, seeing doctor after doctor with no clear answer, I started to question God and at times became quite frustrated with Him. “Why? Why? Why?” where questions I asked as I could not grasp why I was going through so much physical pain. Then, various family members close to me started developing health problems that probably gave them more pain than what I experienced. Yet they stayed strong in their faith and encouraged me to keep strong in my own walk with Christ.

Eventually, in my sophomore year in college, I learned that I have Crohn’s Disease, and I while I struggle with this even now, I know God has a purpose for my life and He has a purpose for yours as well.

So why did I share a glimpse of my story with you? I did so because I believe in the power of testimony. You have a story to share too. Don’t let the world ever dissuade you from sharing. Your testimony can touch lives you never thought possible.

There are two recurring myths I hear about sharing testimonies.

The first myth is, “My story isn’t good enough. Nothing has happened.” Don’t let anyone tell you that your story isn’t good enough. Everyone goes through something, everyone struggles and faces hardships in life. Hardships might include: addiction, relationship problems, the loss of a loved one, divorce, struggling in particular college course, etc. No matter what, your story can help encourage someone that needs encouraging. So share your story.

The other myth is that this person’s testimony is better than my testimony. Again, this is an absolutely false notion. Don’t ever feel that someone’s testimony is somehow better therefore you don’t need to share it. Someone once told me several years ago, before sharing his testimony, that his story was boring and wasn’t as exciting as others. When he shared, however, God spoke to me through his story. Don’t ever let the devil or the world tell you that your testimony somehow doesn’t measure up to someone else’s. Your testimony could be so encouraging to someone who needs encouraging. Everyone’s story is different. For example, I have never experienced sexual harassment, but if you have, your testimony can mean more to someone who has gone through that than my testimony can.

Your story is worth sharing. By sharing your story, you can show others the love of our Savior. 1 Thessalonians 2:8 says, “Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” You can reach someone and share the Gospel of Christ through the power of your testimony. Share your life story with others. You have a powerful story to tell. It just might be the most powerful thing someone hears.

So share your story!

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