A Poem on Redemption

I am broken

I am afraid

I am tired

I am lonely

I am discouraged

These are the thoughts echoing in my mind

These are the thoughts that Satan tries to tear me down with

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night

These are the thoughts that leave me empty

These are the thoughts that bring tears to my eyes

And then I think of how others define me

You are insignificant

You are unable

You are defeated

You are alone

You are worthless

Why do I care what others think of me

Why do I place so much value in the opinions others have of me

Why do I let others define who I am

When I do, I feel lost

I feel ashamed

I feel abandoned

I feel unworthy

I feel dirty

I feel destroyed

But then God calls me by name

He asks me why I have these thoughts

He asks me why I allow others to define me

He asks me why I feel the way I do

Then He looks at me and says, “Let me define you”

Then He tells me

You are valuable

You are capable

You are a conqueror

You are pursued

You are precious in my sight

When He called me out, He reminded me of all the things He’s done

He tells me

I created the universe

The stars that dot the sky, the sun that shines, the moon that glows

I made that

The rolling hills painted with bluebonnets and daffodils, the trees that stand tall

That was part of my design

The mockingbirds, canaries, and blue jays chirping sweet melodies

I taught them how to sing

All of the animals on the land, all the creatures in the sea

I gave them life

All these things are things I created

And do you know what

You are my greatest creation

When He spoke this to me, I no longer felt lost

I realized I had a purpose

I felt rescued

I felt worthy

I felt clean

I felt brand new

I felt redeemed

He began to say, “trust me”

He began to show me how much He loves me

He reminded me of his unconditional, unwavering love

He reminded me that His son died for me

Oh such agony

The whips and the lashes that ripped His flesh

The crown of thorns that pierced His head

The blood that poured out of His body

The long arduous climb up Golgotha

The nails that were driven through His hands and feet

They mocked Him

They spat on Him

They laughed at Him

Yet He asked God to forgive them

He took on the sin of the world

He died that painful death

He arose three days later

He bears the scars

He did all of this because He loves me so much

No greater love exists

He did all of this because He loves me

This broken, unworthy, sinful, messed up human being

He did this for me

I am at a loss for words

It’s indescribable the love He has for us

The love He has for me

No longer am I broken

No longer am I afraid

No longer am I tired

No longer am I lonely

No longer am I discouraged

God has called me out

He tells me, “Stop letting the world define you”

Define yourself through Me

So with every breath I breathe, I now proclaim

I am redeemed

I am loved by God

I am chosen by God

I am made new by God

I am pursued by God

I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God

I am a conqueror through God

I am strong through God

I am bold

I am courageous

I am protected by Him

Through Him, I am Redeemed

There is nothing I can’t do when God is on my side

How awesome is it to know that I can define myself through Him

So whenever, I feel the least bit discouraged

I will proclaim, I am redeemed

I am redeemed


2 thoughts on “A Poem on Redemption

  1. Josh- what beautiful writing! At such a young age, you really “get it”. God has an amazing plan for you. Many times we are allowed to feel such pain before we can be genuine minsters of hope. Add that to who you are.;)
    Bless you, young man!

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